Licensing & Accreditation

MRC Shipping & Logistics L.L.C, has accreditation from premier global authorities in the logistics industry.Professional approach to work and strategic processes have assisted the Company to acquire these certifications at a faster phase than any other contenders in the region. Abidding with the standards and norms is what MRC Shipping & Logistics L.L.0 adheres to on a day to day basis and in any given business transactions. We are one of the few operators in the region to have memberships from all these logistics bodies.

  • MFA Member of Multinational Forwarders Association
  • FIATA Lincenced to issue FIATA bills of Lading
  • NAFL Registered Trading Member of NAFL, Dubai, UAE
  • WCA Member of WCA Family and CCLN
  • DCCI Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Licensing & Accreditions

  • WCA
  • MFA
  • NAFL
  • Dubai Chamber
  • Calogi
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